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I’d love to be the conductor of the OST

Four years ago, Andrés Salado left behind the rhythm of percussion to capture the essence of music from a higher landing. This young orchestra conductor from Madrid that directed this week in the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife in the educational concerts for school children has no fear of responsibility. At only 28, he dreams of [...]

Andrés Salado (Madrid, 1983) will be directing the orchestra Oviedo Filarmonía tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the concerts for children organised in collaboration with the Fundación Magistralia. The young musician is excited to direct the Oviedo training, an orchestra in which he has played with several times as a percussionist before steering his career [...]

The new generation of “classic”

In 1985, Spain was not yet a member of the European community. Only one year shy. However, nearly three decades later, in times of crisis, things occurred that would bring us a ray of light when even the flame, which had kept alight Spain’s sense of pride in belonging, was on the verge of blowing [...]

A courageous project in dark times

In this day in age, as government cuts come dangerously close to the opera pit, it seems insane to think of forming an orchestra. But as director of the orchestra that debuts tonight, Opus 23, Andrés Salado said, “it’s times like these –, where so much harm has been done against culture, what identifies Spanish [...]

The Interview

We interviewed Andrés Salado. Born in Madrid 1983, Andrés Salado is on of the most promising Spanish orchestra conductors. He began his musical studies with instruments like the piano, the baroque flute, and the violin, although he ended up opting for percussion. He obtained a degree as a Professor in percussion in the Real Conservatorio [...]

Madrid between the chords

He’s a man of character, approachable yet demanding; he has a calm manner when talking to the orchestra but is strict when it comes to the performance. Part of a new kind of director, he looks to topple the “director-dictator” to establish a more friendly relationship with the musicians without losing their respect. His name [...]

El País interview

“Whatever happens, the show must go on”, said Andrés Salado to the Joven Orquestra de la Comunidad de Madrid (Jorcam) during the first recital of the contemporary music programme that they were to perform that Tuesday at the Auditorio Nacional. The 28 years old, is mild- mannered and light-handedly directs from the podium. As he [...]